AS Smarten Logistics is the largest third-party logistics (3PL) service provider in Estonia based on Estonian capital, with a strong customer base, among which can be found manufacturers, importers, and retail companies

It entered the market more than twenty-five years ago and is still the leader in this field. We currently operate in new and modern warehouses with a total area of more than 60,000 square meters.

62 000

Sq m storage area

Our goal

Our goal is to be flexible while offering our services and provide logistics partners with logistical solutions based on their business needs, thus contributing to the success of their business.

We delve deeply into the specifics of each partner’s business and apply our knowledge,
skills, and experience gained over the years to develop the best logistics solutions.


Smarten Logistics’ mission is to be the best partner for its customers,
ensuring the success of their business through efficient logistics solutions.


Smarten Logistics’ vision is to be the most valued provider of logistics solutions.

Smarten Logistics key values

  • In its operations, the company complies with legislation, compliance obligations, and other requirements and recognized practices in the field of logistics services. The company fulfills its contractual obligations.
  • A Smartenean is reliable. He is responsible for the promises made and the actions taken. The Smartenean respects the people around him.
  • The company’s goal is to provide a high-quality logistics service to ensure continuous customer and partner satisfaction and long-term cooperation.
  • The Smartenen’s goal is always to achieve the best result, considering both the quality and quantity of work. A Smartenan is correct and precise in his work, oriented to meet the needs of customers
  • The goal of the company is the continuous development of service and service quality and the company’s knowledge. To this end, a system has been set up to establish and monitor staff development, service quality, and environmental objectives in order to ensure the continuous development and effectiveness of the system.
  • A Smartenean knows that the best results and the most effective solutions must not be taken for granted. In order to achieve the best results, one needs to be active, analyze one’s work segment, be oriented towards making suggestions to improve one’s work.
  • The company treats the expectations of all stakeholders with care and respect. The company takes into account the possible effects of its activities on the surrounding environment and tries to avoid unnecessary pollution of the environment.
  • A Smartenean is ready to help – you can always turn to him and ask for help. A Smartenean’s daily goal is to ensure the satisfaction of both internal and external customers – this means that everyone strives to ensure that work is done on time and in the best possible way so that the activities of a colleague, logistics partner, and customer are not disrupted. A Smartenean takes into account the possible effects of its activities on the surrounding environment and tries to avoid unnecessary pollution of the environment.
At the meeting of the Supervisory Board of ELFA (Estonian Logistics and Freight Forwarding Association) held on 16 April 2021, AS Smarten Logistics was accepted as a member of ELFA.
AS Smarten Logistics introduced a complete IT solution for Telia, thanks to which Telia provides Smarten with a complete solution for the entire basic infrastructure of critical information systems – data center service, server hosting, and cloud service, to which all future services are planned to be transferred.
Completion of the last stage of the Rukki central warehouse. Smarten has two central warehouses with a total of 62,000 m2.
Opening of the first stage of the Rukki central warehouse.
Smarten management is constantly looking for ways to improve its environmental performance. To this end, we introduced the ISO 14001 environmental management certificate to better control, reduce and prevent environmental impact.
The quality management system of AS Smarten Logistics was approved by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance Limited on the basis of the quality management system standard: ISO 9001:2015.
AS Smarten Logistics introduced the Axapta version of Dynamics AX 2009 to continue the development of the information system.
AS Smarten Logistics is moving to a new logistics center in Assaku.
The new business name of AS S-Marten will be AS Smarten Logistics.
As the logistics services and wholesale branches have grown very large, it is decided to continue as two separate companies. AS S-Marten becomes a 100% logistics company. AS Sales-Star is established, the main activity of which is the provision of sales and marketing activities.
Smarten’s subsidiary S-Marten Ladu OÜ is established, which organizes all customs-related operations from the arrival of the goods in Estonia until their sale in Estonia or export to foreign countries.
As a result of strong growth, there is a need for a new warehouse complex. The first stage of the central warehouse will be completed in the Liiva center. The new warehouse will act as a distribution center, where goods will be assembled and forwarded to customers directly or through regional terminals. Smarten is probably the first to introduce the mobile order acceptance system MARS based on GSM communications is probably the first in Estonia.
Smarten starts the provision of logistics services. The first cooperation partner will be ADT, currently known as Allied Domecq Eesti.
Exclusive importer agreements are concluded with two other well-known brand representatives: Fazer and Kelloggs. In order not to fragment, a decision will be taken to focus only on the sale of products with exclusive importer rights.
One of the most important years for Smarten. The company reaches a new level in the Estonian market by concluding an exclusive importer agreement with Procter & Gamble, the world’s largest producer of basic consumer goods. This ensures the distribution of well-known and well-known brands in Estonia.
A warehouse complex is purchased and built on St. Petersburg Road. The new warehouse complex enables to operate and offer wholesale company services all over Estonia.
Smarten starts operating as a wholesale company based on Estonian private capital. Imports of foodstuffs will soon be supplemented by basic commodities.
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