• Why did you decide to join ELFA? In the case of Smarten Logistics, it is a rejoining, as we have seen that ELFA has undergone an update and is dealing with very important issues concerning the present and future of our business.
  • How has the COVID-19 crisis affected the development of AS Smarten Logistics? The time of crisis caused by the pandemic has undoubtedly been different from the usual, sometimes more complicated, and has brought many challenges. But at the same time, it has created many new opportunities, i.e., during the crisis, we have reviewed and improved important processes, introduced several new processes, and focused on the growth of the e-commerce business together with our partners. In May, together with Columbus Estonia, we went to the Äripäev radio show – “Digital Transformation in Trade and Industry” to discuss these topics. If you are interested in finding out more, you can listen to the program from the link below:
  • Which changes in the law have most influenced business decisions? Business decisions must be made on a daily basis, but no decision has been directly affected by changes in the law.
  • Are there any issues or hotspots that need more attention in the logistics and freight forwarding sector? There are many topics related to this area, but I see that the choices currently in focus by ELFA are topical and need more attention. I believe that these issues will be covered more and will eventually find positive solutions.
  • What investments do you plan to make in the company in the next five years? Investments are aimed at making logistics even of higher quality and more efficient in the future, servicing of e-commerce even smoother, and we will certainly continue to contribute to ensuring environmental sustainability.
  • How do you assess the competitiveness of Estonian companies in global markets? Today, Smarten has no global experience, as we have focused on Estonia in our core business and where we are the market leader with very outstanding achievements in several areas.
  • How do you assess the level of young people in today’s labor market, the quality of education in the logistics and forwarding sector for which positions you are currently looking for labor? For years, we have contributed to educational topics in this field, attended schools and given lectures in the field of logistics, and invited students to an internship at Smarten. The general level is very good in our eyes, but today’s young people have little perseverance. They want to be in a fast-paced environment, which often cannot be offered in the company within such a short period of time. As far as recruitment is concerned, we are currently looking for a new workforce at full capacity, because Smarten is constantly growing and therefore new people also have the opportunity to join us. So when logistics issues are close to your heart, you can always knock on our door! You can keep up to date with all current offers on our website ( or via Facebook (