Martin Karolin
AS (Ltd) Sales-Star, C.E.O; Client of Smarten since 2002.

It has never been just provision of services but more like a partnership with Smarten. It means that people who are needed are always there for us and together we can find solutions in non-standard situation as well.

Kalev Vunk
Orkla Eesti AS, Sales Director; Client of Smarten since 2000.

The cooperation between Smarten and Orkla Eesti AS has continued for about ten years.
To praise Smarten it can be said that we have always enjoyed very good attitude and that Smarten is
focused on finding the best solutions. It’s the sufficient flexibility that enables us to solve the variety of
logistical situations. I do believe that Smarten is one of the best companies providing logistics services in Estonia!

Ragnar Kits
AS (Ltd) Liviko, Sales Director; Client of Smarten since 2004.

The decision made four years ago by Liviko, one of the major producers and importers of spirits in Estonia about moving to Smarten with its warehouse and transport logistics was definitely one of the most important and venturous ones within the last years. Smarten provides the strategic partnership for Liviko to whom have committed the management of logistics in Estonia. Liviko has been growing and developing remarkably within the last years and Smarten has enabled the growth from the point of view of logistics. Today we do not have to worry whether the new product fits in to the warehouse or whether our new client will receive the goods from the warehouse as Smarten is responsible for this.

We are definitely happy about the fact that the cooperation between two large enterprises can be so flexible and operative. Last year we were extremely satisfied with the remarkable rise in service quality which will hopefully continue this year. We are sure that cooperation with Smarten ensures the best and fastest servicing of our clients in the future as well.

Indrek Nõlvak
Circle K Eesti AS, Manager of Retail; Client of Smarten since 2009

The co-operation between Circle K Eesti AS and Smarten started in June 2009. The decision to choose Smarten was made because of good price&quality relation – in addition to the good price policy we required from the partner professionality and experience to make the vendor processes more effective in co-operation. The change of 46 service stations of Circle K Eesti AS to the new logistic system and on-going co-operation with Smarten was implemented smoothly and we are satisfied to our choice of partner in logistics.

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